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High Quality Transmission Chain

Transmission chains are most commonly used to transmit power between two components at a greater distance, but they may also be used for short distances. They are one of the five most frequently used mechanical power transmission methods alongside shaft couplings, gear drives, belt drives, and lead screws


What is a Chain Drive?

Chain drive is a type of mechanical power transmission system that uses chains to transfer power from one place to another. A conventional chain drive consists of two or more sprockets and the chain itself. The holes in the chain links fit over the sprocket teeth.

When the prime mover rotates, the chain wrapped on the shaft’s sprocket rotates with it. This applies mechanical force onto the driven shaft, transmitting mechanical power in the process.

Advantages of Transmission Chain

Speed reduction of up to 7:1 can be easily accommodated.

Can handle long shaft center distances.

It is possible to use chain with multiple shafts or drives and both sides of the chain.

Standardization of chains allows ease of selection.

Sprockets wear less than gears because the load is distributed over many teeth

Chain sprockets can be smaller than belt pulleys and transmit the same torque.

It is easy to cut and connect chains.

Chain is more suitable for long-term, continuous power transmission with limited torque fluctuation.


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Types of Transmission Chain

This type of chain drive is specifically used for transmitting power between two shafts. Most machines that produce power cannot consume it at the same place, e.g. pumps with attached motors. Transmission systems convey power to the consumer through different methods. When chains are used for this process, they are known as power transmission chains.

Power transmission chain drive

Another common application for chain drives is conveyor chains. Conveyors use chain drives that are crafted especially for material transportation. They come in hundreds of different designs and sport features such as low friction, high temperature- and chemical resistance. They can also be anti-static and magnetic.

Conveyor chain drive

Chain hoists are probably the most common piece of machinery used to lift and lower equipment. They can lift massive weights with very little effort using pulleys.

Hand chain hoists or chain blocks are a common sight in garages, workshops, construction sites, ship engine rooms and in many factories. 

Hoisting and hauling chain drive


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