Kns Type Passenger Car Snow Chains   Truck Chain

KN Type-a Passenger Vehicle Snow Chains 

Item No. TIRE Dimension
KN20 135X12 140X12 145X12 155X12 one hundred forty five/70R13
one hundred sixty five/65R13 one hundred thirty five/70R13 one hundred forty five/65R13 175/50R13 155/65R13
KN30 a hundred forty five/65R15 one hundred fifty five/70RR12 165/70R12 140X13 155/70R13
one hundred sixty five/60R13 one hundred thirty five/70R15 a hundred seventy five/60R13 185/55R13 195/45R13
135X14 one hundred fifty five/65R14 a hundred sixty five/60R14  a hundred seventy five/50R14 195/40R14
KN40 one hundred seventy five/70R12 155X13 165/70R13 175/65R13 185/60R13
195/55R13 145X14 a hundred and fifty five/65R15 one hundred fifty five/70R14  
135X15 a hundred sixty five/65R14 175/60R14 185/50R14 195/50R14
KN50 165X13 one hundred seventy five/70R13 185/70R13 195/65R13 195/40R16
155X14 a hundred sixty five/70R14 a hundred seventy five/65R14 185/55R14 185/60R14
195/50R14 195/55R14 215/40R14 145X15 one hundred fifty five/70R15
a hundred sixty five/60R12 one hundred sixty five/65R15 one hundred seventy five/55R15 185/50R15 195/45R15
KN60 170X13 175X13 185/70R13 195/65R13 205/60R13
165X14 165/75R14 175/70R14 185/65R14 195/60R14
155X15 a hundred sixty five/70R15 one hundred seventy five/60R15 a hundred seventy five/65R15 185/55R15
195/50R15 185/50R16 195/45R16    
KN70 195/70R13 205/65R13 a hundred seventy five/75R14 185/70R14 195/65R14
205/55R14 205/60R14 a hundred seventy five/70R15 185/60R15 185/65R15
195/55R15 205/50R15 195/50R16 205/45R16 215/40R16
KN80 175X14 185X14 185/75R14 195/70R14 195/75R14
205/65R14 215/60R14 225/55R14 185X13 205/70R13
165X15 215/45R14 185/70R15 195/60R15 195/65R15
two hundred/60R15 205/55R15 215/50R15 225/50R15 225/40R17
195/55R16 195/60R16 205/50R16 215/50R16 225/40R16
225/45R16 185/60R17 205/45R17 205/50R17 215/40R17
KN90 195×14 205/70R14 225/60R14 180×15 185×15
195/70R15 195/75R15 205/60R15 205/65R15 215/60R15
225/55R15 225/40R18      
175X16 a hundred seventy five/75R16 195/65R16 205/55R16 205/60R16
215/55R16 225/50R16 225/45R17 235/40R17 215/40R14
KN100 205X14 215/70R14 235/60R14  195X15 205/70R15
215/65R15 215/70R15 225/60R15 225/60R15 225/65R15
230/60R15 235/55R15 235/62R15 205/65R16 215/60R16
215/65R16 225/55R16 235/50R16 245/45R16 215/50R17
215/55R17 225/50R17 235/45R17 245/40R17 225/45R18
235/40R18 235/40R19      
KN110 225/60R16 235/50R17 245/45R17 255/40R17 245/40R18
KN120 215/70R16 235R60R16      
225/55R17 225/60R17 255/45R17 245/45R18 255/40R18
KN130  245/60R15  245/55R16 235/55R17 275/40R17 255/50R16


Kns Type Passenger Car Snow Chains   Truck Chain


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