Transmission Chain Industrial Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Roller Chains

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Classification by material
1. Made of high-quality products, 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SS304 stainless steel, it is excellent for modern equipment, supporting all kinds of import and export machinery.
2. Austenitic stainless steel chain series, such as 304, 316, and 316L, have excellent corrosion resistance, such as acid, alkali, and -40 ° ~600 ° high and low-temperature occasions. In comparison, 316L has better diamagnetism, adaptability to harsh temperatures, and chemical corrosion resistance.
3. Martensitic stainless steel chain series, such as 2Cr13, have appropriate corrosion resistance and the strength of carbon steel with the same carbon content.

1. Large bell-type intelligent annealing furnace: stable and reliable annealing quality and low energy consumption
2. Mesh belt furnace: first-class domestic mesh belt furnace heat treatment production line
3. Multipurpose furnace: Epson multipurpose furnace provides stable and reliable heat treatment quality
4. ABB intelligent welding robot: instead of manual completion of complex welding operations, the welding is beautiful, stable, and reliable

5. Automatic hot riveter: the self-developed automatic assembly line of the welding chain can replace the manual to realize automatic
outcrop and hot riveting, with stable products, high precision, and high efficiency
6. Induction quenching equipment: the self-developed semi-automatic induction quenching equipment successfully realizes selective (local) induction quenching of pin shaft and induction quenching of sprocket teeth
7. Programmable gantry cutting machine: it has the functions of plasma cutting and flame cutting
8. CNC machining center: CNC vertical machining center and CNC horizontal machining center, which meet the processing of high-precision molds and products
We have mastered the core technology of chain production and are proficient in core processing. All products are widely used in sugar, paper, cement, wood, food, mining, metallurgy, and other industries. We pay attention to the reputation of product quality through IS09001:2008 quality management system certification and obtain self-supporting, agent-related products and technology import and export business qualifications. Our products are exported to all provinces and cities in China, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

How Does a Chain Drive Work?

Chain drive is a kind of flexible transmission composed of chain and sprocket (small sprocket and large sprocket). Movement and power are transmitted through the sprocket teeth and the chain meshing. Chain work is widely used in mechanical manufacturing.

What Are Chain Drives Used For?

What is the Conveyor Chain on Production Line?

Another common application of chain drives is delivery chains. The conveyor uses a chain drive designed for material transport. They come in hundreds of different designs and motion characteristics, such as low friction, resistance to high temperatures and resistance to chemical reactions. They can also be antistatic and magnetic.

Conveyor belt chain drives can be used in packaging, automotive, food and beverage production, pharmaceutical and textile industries. Accessories can be mounted on the conveyor chain to suit a variety of applications.

Drive Chains in Lifting Equipment

Traction chain is widely used in forklift, port stacker, textile machinery, parking garage, drilling rig, climbing platform, pipe bender and other occasions. Through the unique design, selection of high quality alloy steel materials, linear heat treatment process, environmental protection surface treatment process. The products usually have high strength, fatigue resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and reliability. The hoist equipped with the material chain is widely used in coal, mining, metallurgy, casting, electric power, water conservancy, chemical industry, building materials and other fields. Plate chain for forklift truck, plate chain for stacker, hollow pin chain, multi-plate pin chain, three-dimensional garage chain, fixture, pear shaped parts and other accessories.

Drive Chain in Agricultural Industry

The agricultural industry is powered by various chains that power various machines to simplify the labor-intensive work of farmers. We supply a variety of agricultural chains including S, C, CA and ANSI types. In the agricultural machinery industry, the chain is applied to rice, wheat, corn, cotton and other agricultural machinery to provide driving and conveying kinetic energy, realizing the mechanization operation of agricultural production from farmland sowing to harvesting. Mainly used for rice machinery, corn recycling machinery, cotton processing machinery, silage machinery and other clothing equipment.