Single Groove Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bar

single groove hot rolled metal flat bar 
We are ZheJiang Daqiang Metal Co&period of time&commaLtd&period of time We are the leading manufacturing facility of spring metal flat bar in North China&period
Variety&colon round angle&comma correct angle&comma double groove&interval
Specification&colon 5mm x 35mm – 35mm x 165mm
Dimension&colon Thickness 5mm – 35mm&comma Width 35mm – 165mm&comma Size 3m – 6m&time period  
China CZPT GB&solT1222-1984&comma Quality 65Mn&comma 55Si2Mn&comma 60Si2Mn&comma 60Si2MnA&comma 55CrMnA&comma 60CrMnA&comma 60CrMnBA&comma 50CrVA&semi
Japan CZPT JIS G4801-2005&comma Quality SUP6&comma SUP7&comma SUP9&comma SUP9A&comma SUP10A&comma SUS11
Germany CZPT DIN17221-1988&comma Grade 60Si7&comma 55Si7&comma 55Cr3&comma 50CrV4&comma 51CrV4
American CZPT ASTM A322-5160&sol9260&comma Quality SAE1066&comma SAE1070&comma SAE5155&comma SAE5160&comma SAE6150&comma SAE9255&comma SAE9260
CZPTpean CZPT EN10089&colon2002
We also make generation to order for some other steel grades of complex alloy metal&time period  
CZPT metal bar is the uncooked content to generate laminated leaf spring suspension for vehicles&comma autos&comma rotary coulter and so on&period It is also employed for rotary coulter and chains and so on&period We have excellent good quality and competitive price&interval We are the supplier of uncooked content for a lot of domestic and overseas producers of leaf spring and vans&period 

Chemical  Composition
Steel  Grade  Chemical  Composition    &lpar&percnt&rpar
C Si Mn Cr V W B Ni Cu P S
Not  more  than 
65 &period62-&period70 &period17-&period37 &period50-&period80 ≤ &period25 &period25 &period25 &period035 &period035
70 &period62-&period75 &period17-&period37 &period50-&period80 ≤ &period25 &period25 &period25 &period035 &period035
85 &period82-&period90 &period17-&period37 &period50-&period80 ≤ &period25 &period25 &period25 &period035 &period035
65Mn &period62-&period70 &period17-&period37 &period90-one&period20 ≤ &period25 &period25 &period25 &period035 &period035
55SiMnVB &period52-&period60 &period17-1&period00 1&period00-one&period30 ≤ &period35 &period08-&period16 &period0005-&period0035 &period35 &period25 &period035 &period035
60Si2Mn &period56-&period64 1&period50-two&period00 &period70-one&period00 ≤ &period35 &period35 &period25 &period035 &period035
60Si2MnA &period56-&period64 1&period60-two&period00 &period70-one&period00 ≤ &period35 &period35 &period25 &period035 &period571
60Si2CrA &period56-&period64 1&period40-1&period80 &period40-&period70 &period70-1&period00 &period35 &period25 &period035 &period571
60Si2CrVA &period56-&period64 1&period40-1&period80 &period40-&period70 &period90-one&period20 &period10-&period20 &period35 &period25 &period035 &period571
55SiCrA &period51-&period59 1&period20-1&period60 &period50-&period80 &period50-&period80 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571
55CrMnA &period52-&period60 &period17-&period37 &period65-&period95 &period65-&period95 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571
60CrMnA &period56-&period64 &period17-&period37 &period70-1&period00 &period70-one&period00 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571
50CrMnA &period46-&period54 &period17-&period37 &period50-&period80 &period80-1&period10 &period10-&period20 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571
60CrMnBA &period56-&period64 &period17-&period37 &period70-1&period00 &period70-one&period00 &period0005-&period0040 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571
30W4Cr2VA &period26-&period34 &period17-&period37 ≤ &period40 two&period00-two&period50 &period50-&period80 four&period00-four&period50 &period35 &period25 &period571 &period571

Single Groove Hot Rolled Steel Flat Bar


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